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You can now vote for your favorite fan catch from the 2015 MLB season

Vote for the best fan catch this MLB season

It's been a while since we took an art history course, but we're pretty sure "The Art of the Fan Catch" is a major unit of study -- the nuances, the pageantry, the technical mastery on display -- there are many ways to make a beautiful, museum-worthy fan catch. And in 2015, we saw some true Rembrandts. 

The Esurance MLB Awards are Major League Baseball's way of honoring the greatest achievements from the 2015 season with an industry-wide balloting process. In the Best Fan Catch category, we're asking you to help decide which ballpark fan made the most riveting, inspiring catch.

Check out some of the nominees below, then click here to see the full list and vote for your favorite. 

Cold, thirst-quenching triumph

The margin of error when catching a baseball inside a cup of beer is practically zero -- the ball has to be dead-on, or it's not going in. No wonder this fan in the stands at Wrigley downed her drink with such triumphant enthusiasm.


A great catch, a sudden realization 

In June, a young Tigers fan learned the two cardinal rules of reeling in a grand slam. First, that catching a grand slam feels really good. Second, catching a grand slam hit by the opposite team feels … not so good, especially when it's hit by Ben Zobrist to put your team down by two runs. Talk about emotional whiplash. But don't worry -- this story has a happy ending.  


If you build it, home run balls will come

You think you know the definition of the word "serendipitous," and then an Angels fan brings a homemade "Trout Net" to haul in Trout homers to the ballpark, and in sails a Mike Trout grand slam.


How to catch a Stanton moonshot

Sometimes, all it takes for a fantastic fan catch is courage. Like the courage it takes to stick your hand over the railing to catch Giancarlo Stanton's 115-mph, 478-foot home run -- barehanded.


A surprise Mother's Day gift

A new father, with his baby strapped to his chest, makes a barehanded catch on Mother's Day and gifts the ball to his wife sitting right next to him. That's a Hallmark card waiting to be written.   



With the tense anticipation as the ball zooms into the stands, the dramatic explosion of kernels as it lands inside the popcorn bucket and the emotional bear hug at the end, this catch from the very beginning of the season is the Michael Bay Movie of fan catches. 


Voting will remain open through Nov. 13 at Winners will be announced live on MLB Network and on Nov. 20.