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Even in the depths of wintry despair, Vin Scully stories will brighten your day

Vin Scully stories: guaranteed to brighten your day

It's Feb. 1 and there is no baseball to be seen. You may be blocked by towering mountains of snow and terrifying sheets of ice -- with more on the way. The world may seem bleak and hopeless. 

Fortunately, there's Vin Scully. A man who radiates so much goodness that even if he weren't in Los Angeles, sunny and 75-degree weather would follow his every move.

At Saturday's Dodgers FanFest, Scully greeted the crowd in the most perfectly Vin Scully way: Stories. 

From jokes: 

"I came in the gate and saw so many cars and I thought, 'They're playing and I'm late!" 

 To revealing why he can't eat Italian food with Tommy Lasorda anymore: 

"I had a dream where I was being chased by a giant clam with linguini." 

To even admitting his most embarrassing story that features the cowbell-toting Hilda Chester proclaiming her love from the stands. 

Sadly, because this isn't the future and we don't have the VinScully9000x that will narrate your every action, ("Hello and welcome to Mike's life! It's a beautiful night for opening Netflix and eating an entire bag of pretzels"), why not while away the time until Spring Training with some of Scully's greatest calls

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