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Ever wondered what a Winter Meetings war room looks like? Wonder no more

The Winter Meetings: The home where rumors are born, players swap teams (sometimes multiple times in a single day) and GMs develop nervous ticks. For Hot Stove fans, it's the most exciting time of the year. 

With all that activity going down, Major League teams have set up war rooms where they prep their next blockbuster deal. And they look a little something like this: 

Err, it's a little different, though I'm pretty sure every team has a Peter Sellers-type. 

On Thursday, MLB Network set up its own replica and former Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd walked viewers way through it. The uptake: Lots of scouts, stats and a huge bill for whiteboards. 

Check out the video above and then think of the poor intern whose elbow is sore from all of the dry erase board erasing he's done in the wake of the roughly three dozen trades that have gone down in the last 24 hours.