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Exclusive: We have the #BasesQuoted from their 30-ballpark tour of America

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you #BasesQuoted.

For the 2014 season, MLB sent three bases on a 110-day quest to visit all 30 ballparks. And guess what? They made it -- including a visit to the 2014 All-Star Game (Derek Jeter's last) and an upcoming stop at AT&T Park for Game 4 of the World Series.

When you visit all 30 Major League stadiums in one season, you're bound to see some wild action -- not to mention become the envy of every fan in America. With their trip wrapping up, we got ahold of exclusive quotes from a selection of the bases' most exciting pit stops. These aren't made up at all, we promise.

June 13th, Marlins Park: Pirates 8, Marlins 6

First base: "I can't believe we've been here for 13 innings. I'm exhausted, and it's only the first day of our trip."

Second base: "Oh good, someone hit a home run. Sure, trot all over us, go ahead. Wait, it's that Gregory Polanco again. This has to be his first homer in the bigs, right?"

Third base: "Man, we've really seen a lot of this Polanco guy, haven't we? What's this now, five hits? Slow down, dude."

June 25th, AT&T Park: Giants 4, Padres 0

First base: "Is it just me or have we not had any Padres players stand on our faces yet?"

Second base: "There was that guy who walked back in the second inning."

Third base: "No-hitter or not, this pitcher sure has an interesting 'stache."


July 15th, Target Field: AL 5, NL 3

First base: "Ah, the All-Star Game -- where the best of the best get to stomp their feet all over us."

Second base: "Show some respect, this is the venerable Derek Jeter's final All-Star Game."

Third base: "Yea, you should be honored to have The Captain strut his stuff on your ugly mug."


August 5th, Coors Field: Cubs 6, Rockies 5

First base: "Boy, the air sure is thin up here. It's kind of refreshing after 15 stadiums before this."

Second base: "Hey, here comes Javier Baez. The kid got his first Major League hit, good for him."

Third base: "That's not just his first hit -- that's his first Major League home run. What's with these rookies hitting game-winners for their first homer?"


August 15th, US Cellular Field: White Sox 11, Blue Jays 5

First base: "Yeesh, 17 hits. Talk about excess."

Second base: "Seriously, we get it Chicago -- you guys can get on base."

Third base: "I can't feel my face anymore."

September 12th, Camden Yards: Orioles 5, Yankees 0

First base: "Hey guys, it's our last chance to see Jeter. Don't get too excited over there."

Second base: "Is he here? Where is he? I can't see him. Third, do you see him?"

Third base: "He better be here, I want his autograph."


...Truly riveting stuff there, guys. Hope you enjoyed your grand tour of America.

Once the bases finish their journey with the World Series, they'll be headed to the home of the lucky winner of this MLB auction. Part of the proceeds will be going to the RBI program, so it's for a good cause. But as you can see, these bases are kind of chatty. Bid at your own risk.