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The Expos may have played the weirdest Friday the 13th game ever against the Cubs in 1977

To superstitious people, Friday the 13th is a day to be wary of, with the shadows and rustles of bad luck lurking around every corner and an uneasy sense of foreboding in the air.  More "rational" people, like Vin Scully, would say that it's all hogwash.
Even the staunchest skeptic would have to admit that things were a little odd had they played for the Expos on Friday, May 13, 1977.
While the Expos would go on to lose, 5-3, to the Cubs at the Olympic Stadium, it was the way they lost that was strange. 
The Cubs knocked out 13 hits and left 13 men on base. 
The winning run was driven in by Larry Biittner, wearing No. 26. 
Don Warthen, who took the loss, wore No. 39. 
What's 39 minus 26? Woah...
Oh yeah, and the loss? It set the Expos back to 13-13. 
(h/t "The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball" by Jonathan Fraser Light)