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Kris Bryant caught a contest winner's first pitch at Express Day @ Wrigley Field

Thursday was Express Day @ Wrigley Field before the all-Chicago showdown between the White Sox and Cubs, the culmination of an Instagram contest launched by the clothing company in June. The winner won a trip to Wrigley, hotel accommodations and a pretty sweet grand prize: Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch to none other than Kris Bryant, seen here sporting some Express threads: 

As for Thursday's festivities, the mood was ripe for an eventful first pitch:

Which is exactly what went down ... after the southpaw received his own customized Cubs jersey:


When it came time for the actual pitch, he did a pretty solid job throwing from the actual mound, memorialized forever with a sweet photo:

descriptionAnd Periscope stream:

Not all ceremonial first pitchers do so from the mound itself, so that deserves some kudos.