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A fan didn't have anything for Mike Clevinger to sign, so he tossed his phone to him and got a selfie instead

Cory Fallon / Twitter

When it comes to asking for an autograph, the number one rule is to be prepared -- but that may not always be a possibility. And in this case, when a fan was talking to Mike Clevinger and realized he didn't have anything to sign, he had to make do with what he had in his possession, and it turned out better than expected.

Before the Yankees' 7-6 win over the Indians on Friday, Yankees fan Cory Fallon was watching Clevinger warm up. Fallon was asking Clevinger about his mitt and cleats that held some unique designs on them. After they chatted for a bit, the Indians pitcher came back out to sign autographs for some fans. Fallon didn't have anything worthy of being signed, so he simply asked if he could toss his phone to Clevinger and get a photo taken on it.

Well, ask, and you shall receive:

"[Clevinger] looked confused at first, but then agreed," Fallon told "He took my phone to the bullpen out of my sight for a few seconds, then returned it and tossed it back up."

Despite the phone almost falling short, he got his phone back complete with a selfie of Clevinger and Trevor Bauer. 

"He and Bauer were laughing about it, then I thanked him and they went on with their normal pregame routine."

That's a framer for sure.