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Cubs fan makes barehanded catch when Jorge Soler and Kris Bryant hit back-to-back home runs

Fan makes great catch when Cubs hit back-to-back HRs

Everything's coming up Cubs right now. The Cubbies took three out of four off the Pirates this week, beat the NL Central-leading Cardinals on Friday night and beat the Cards again on Saturday. They've won five straight games, they're just five games back in the division and they're in line for a Wild Card berth if they can't catch the Pirates and Cards. It's a good time to be a Cubs fan ...

... it's a GREAT time to be this Cubs fan:


That beaming gentleman is Brian Swanson of Coal Valley, Ill., and the ball that he's so proudly showcasing is a new souvenir he corralled off the bat of Cubs third baseman/NL Rookie of the Year hopeful/secret Lyft driver Kris Bryant.  

Swanson said that he thought the ball was going to land way to his left (closer to left-center field), but it kept curving and curving and ended up coming right to him. He said he was never worried that he might drop it.

That Bryant homer immediately followed a similar showing from rookie outfielder Jorge Soler. For those of you keeping score at home, that means Soler and Bryant went back-to-back in the 5-4 Cubs victory:


Additional reporting by Brian Corbin /, Real-Time Correspondent. 

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