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Fan inadvertently trades wedding ring for home run ball

Fan accidentally trades ring for home run ball

We've seen fans give up food, comfort and dignity in pursuit of a baseball, but this is the first time we've ever seen one give up a wedding ring. Chicago resident Michael Haberkorn managed to catch Jorge Soler's homer in the seventh inning of Tuesday night's Reds-Cubs game, but his joy quickly turned into concern:


Haberkorn could have been forced to have the ball mounted in a ring setting, dragging it around on his finger like an albatross for the rest of his days. Luckily, security retrieved the piece of jewelry, and all seemed well: 


Later, he even got to meet Soler. 

"Congratulations to him," he said, "and I guess me too for catching the ball."

Reporting/Video via Brian Corbin, Real-Time Correspondent. 

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