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Fan launches bucket full of popcorn into the air in attempt to catch a foul ball

Fan sacrifices bucket of popcorn in try for foul ball

In the top of the seventh inning of Saturday's Twins-Mariners matchup, Eduardo Nunez popped a ball into the stands at Safeco Field. In a desperate attempt at securing the potential souvenir, one fan launched a full bucket of popcorn at the ball soaring overhead. The attempt was, lamentably, unsuccessful.


Well, that's certainly one way to try to grab a foul ball.

When a foul ball heads into the stands at an MLB game, you see, there are various degrees to how a fan might react. First, there is simply sticking out one's hand. If one wishes to try a little harder, he or she might try lunging for the ball. Perhaps most fervent is the throwing of one's popcorn bucket -- full of popcorn, mind you -- at the ball.

You know a fan is serious about collecting a foul if they're willing to sacrifice good, delicious popcorn.