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Meet the very conflicted fan who showed up at NLCS Game 2 with a Clayton Kershaw Cubs jersey

The postseason is a time to let your fandom fly. Wear that star-spangled suit. Bring out the livestock. It's win or go home time for your favorite team, and who knows, that giant Crying LeBron sign just might make the difference.

Except, well, what if you find yourself with a conflict of interest? What if your heart is torn in two different directions? Cespedes Family BBQ's Jake Mintz caught up with a fan in just such a predicament -- he's a "Chicago fan [as a] city, but Dodger blue all day." Which, as the Cubs and Dodgers prepared to face off in NLCS Game 2 on Sunday, presented a bit of a problem.

His solution? He wore a Cubs jersey to the game ... with Clayton Kershaw's name and number on the back. Do not adjust your screen:


How exactly did this mashup come to be? You can watch the video above to find out. Although we admire the courage necessary to admit you're pulling for the Dodgers while in the stands at Wrigley Field.