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Plastic water cups are now definitively confirmed to be non-ideal foul ball receptacles

The regular season came to an end on Sunday around the league, and with it another lesson on foul ball etiquette.

All season long, we've see some top-tier examples of flashy fan glovework (or barehandwork), baseballs of the foul and home run variety being scooped up in various ways. The Twins' 6-3 win over the White Sox on Sunday U.S. Cellular Field capped off the year with a definitive lesson that no, plastic water cups are not ideal for this situation: 


That fan wasn't even trying to use his cup to catch the foul -- the ball just somehow found it anyway -- but let this be an all-too-important note for fans at future ballparks that you have better options.

To recap: plastic water cups: bad. Full trays of concession-stand fare: also bad. And, last but not least, full, simmering cups of beer from the stadium: totally bad, and might result in an explosion of suds soaking everyone in its wake. 

So, fans, remember these warnings and heed them come next season and beyond.