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The bromance is back: Juan Uribe reunites with his Dodgers teammates

Juan Uribe officially re-signed with the Dodgers on Tuesday, meaning that a few of baseball's most notable teammate bromances will resume in 2014. What bromances, you ask?

The one where Uribe and Hanley Ramirez compare biceps:

It takes 17 muscles to smile, 43 to frown, and a whole lot more to hit like Juan Uribe:

And the one where Uribe gets his ears pulled:

And the one where Uribe gets cooled off by Yasiel Puig:


And the one with his buddy Matt Kemp:


And the one where he gets slapped by Hyun-Jin Ryu

Or does Mortal Kombat with Ryu:

Or dances with his best friend Ryu:

How does it feel to be back, Juan?

Sounds about right.

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