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20-foot pythons, Mini-Me and 3 other differences between the Rays and Rangers

The Rays and Rangers finished 2013 with identical 91-71 records, tying for the second AL Wild Card spot. David Price will square off against Martin Perez on Monday night to decide which team moves on to the postseason. 

While the two teams were equal on the field this season, their respective players, managers and cities couldn't be much more different. A few reasons why:

5. Rays shortstop Yunel Escobar likes to touch the top of his head during dugout dance routines:


Head-touching and Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre do not get along:


4. In Tampa, announcers get back rubs:


In Texas, players get back rubs:

Ron Washington, back rub


3. Tampa native Aaron Carter makes music videos with his parents:

Former Arlington resident Verne Troyer makes music videos with Dr. Evil:


2. The Rangers hang out with penguins:

The Rays hang out with 20-foot pythons.

1. Rays manager Joe Maddon has style:

Joe Maddon, style

Rangers manager Ron Washington has ... towels:

Texas rain

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