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Watch #SuperKaheem race to the rescue and save the Nationals' Racing Presidents

A hero took the streets of Washington, D.C. on Friday. With the aid of the Make-a-Wish Foundation -- and the Superhero Council, natch -- the mild-mannered Kaheem, age 5, was transformed into Super Kaheem. It was just in time, too, as a dastardly fiend had kidnapped two of the Nationals racing presidents, along with the D.C. United and Washington Capitals' mascots. 
The world's greatest superheroes lined up to meet Kaheem: 

He joined up with the fire department because fires can still burn even when mascots are in danger: 

He even saved Santa! 

He was honored for his valor at the U.S. Capitol: 

Finally, humankind's greatest hope arrived to complete his most important mission yet: Freeing Washington's most beloved mascots:  

Cutting their ropes, with super strength and super speed, Super Kaheem saved the day: 

Thank you, Super Kaheem. The city of Washington owes you a debt of gratitude.