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Flashback Friday: That time a young Yovani Gallardo hung out with Royce Clayton

Yovani Gallardo and Royce Clayton hung out in the 90s

Yovani Gallardo was a wee lad when he moved to Fort Worth, Texas. He grew up in the Lone Star State and went to high school there. And this offseason, he was traded home to the Rangers. Along the way, sometime in the late 1990s, he met 17-year MLB veteran, former Ranger and film actor Royce Clayton.

Who knows what may have resulted from this fortuitous meeting. Was meeting Clayton the inspiration Gallardo needed to become a professional baseball player? Would Gallardo be an MLB pitcher had he not met Clayton in Texas on that day? Did this set Gallardo on his path to becoming a Ranger? What happens if Gallardo and Clayton don't stand side-by-side at Globe Life Park? If you adhere to chaos theory, the very fabric of our universe might have been radically altered.

So thank you, Yovani and Royce, for meeting that one time in Texas in the late '90s, and giving us the reality in which we exist today. 

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