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The Nationals-Braves game quickly turned into dinner theater with some ghostly-looking fog

Fog rolls in to Turner Field during Braves game

The Braves and Nationals were just minding their own business, playing an ordinary baseball game at Turner Field on Tuesday, when they were suddenly joined by positively Lake Michigan-esque fog.


... or was it? Sure, the cloud may seem innocent enough, but look closer: It's just sort of hovering there, on its own, like a specter over the infield. Never satisfied with easy answers, we turned to our Cut4 Supernatural Investigative Unit That Definitely Wasn't Made Up Just Now, and tasked them with getting to the bottom of this mystery.

What they found will shock you. It wasn't mere fog, or firework smoke, but something far more sinister -- Ghost Fog. Behold their sophisticated visual analysis, if you dare:

Fog ghost

Maybe it's the spirit of that giant bug from a few months ago, back to exact its revenge in some sort of Shelley-Lovecraft crossover. 

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