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The city of Chicago went all out for the Cubs' World Series parade

On Wednesday night, with a thrilling extra-innings win over the Indians, in what might've been the best Game 7 in World Series history, the Cubs won their first championship in 108 years. And the thing about winning your first World Series in over a century is that you get to celebrate like you just won your first World Series in over a century. For the Cubs' World Series parade on Friday afternoon, the city of Chicago went all out.

All out, as in the city dyed the Chicago River blue:

All out, as in packing Grant Park to the absolute brim:


All out, as in no room to move on the streets:


Good thing the parade route covers a lot of ground:

Chicago schools had a scheduled day off on Friday (no connection to the Cubs, allegedly), so the kids were there, dabbing of course:


And mud wrestling?


Kris Bryant got ready by rocking his Championship Belt:


Dexter Fowler got ready by autographing Anthony Rizzo's nephew:

Then it was time for the parade to begin:

And they were off!


There were selfies:

And confetti: 


A LOT of confetti:

Things got a little dicey for a moment:

But don't worry, the Cubs' survived like they survived being down 3 games to 1 in the World Series:

You can be sure the "W" flags were flying: 




The professional curse breaker showed some love:


If you were wondering where the Commissioner's Trophy was -- David Ross had it:


The Cubs got to Grant Park and Grandpa Rossy made everyone take one more selfie:

And then there was one final, acoustic, sing-a-long rendition of "Go Cubs Go!"