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Former Major League pitcher Anthony Varvaro is embarking on a new career as a police officer

Almost exactly a year ago, Anthony Varvaro was a relief pitcher in the process of re-signing with the Red Sox. Now, life is somewhat different for the Staten Island native as he is preparing to begin his post-baseball career as a Port Authority Police Officer.

Major League pitcher to police officer may not be the most traditional career path, but the 32-year-old Varvaro voluntarily retired in June when an opportunity arose for him to begin training with the Port Authority Police. Nearly six months later, his training is complete and his law enforcement career is about to officially begin.

In baseball, Varvaro will be best remembered for his years as a key member of the Braves bullpen. All in all, he posted a notably impressive 3.23 ERA over 166 career games and even racked up a save:

Congratulations to Varvaro on the start of his new career!