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A foul ball at Fenway sailed through one fan's arms and into another's hands

The Red Sox fell to the Blue Jays, 9-4, on Tuesday night at Fenway Park, but it wasn't such a bad game for one of their fans. He just needed a little bit of luck on his side.

Richard Urena was up to bat for Toronto against Chris Sale with two men on in the top of the second. He fouled a pitch back into the air behind the plate, sailing toward one fan's open arms in the State Street Pavilion Club.

He was ready for the catch ...

... and completely whiffed, only to see the souvenir instead end up in the prepared hands of another fan behind him. It was like a football passing through uprights.

It's too bad for the fan in front, but give credit where it's due to the younger fan behind him, who was ready to make the clean catch -- barehanded, no less.

When one door shuts, another one opens.