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Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez's friendly encounter at second was a fun Game 1 moment

The World Series is serious. Some might say, world serious. And maybe even more so this year: The Cubs haven't won since 1908, while the Indians haven't taken home a title since 1948.

Still, baseball is fun. It's a game. Being on the world's stage for the first time can be exciting and oh-my-god-we're-here worthy -- particularly for two friendly, up-and-coming stars.

So, after hitting a double in the seventh inning (his third hit of the game), Francisco Lindor ran into fellow Puerto Rico native/2011 Draft pick Javier Baez. They were pretty happy to see each other:

Although Lindor REALLY doesn't like getting his hair pulled:

Cleveland ended up winning the game, 6-0, but Lindor and Baez's friendship won everything else. Tune in to Game 2 Wednesday, 7 p.m. ET game time on FOX (6 p.m. ET pregame show on FS1) to see what other antics the two get up to.