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Kendrys Morales just cannot get a ground ball past Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez

Back on June 4, in the ninth inning of Kansas City's 7-1 loss to Cleveland, Kendrys Morales thought he had a base hit up the middle against the Indians. Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez, guardians of the infield and protector of pitching staffs, thought differently.

Days passed. The Royals left Cleveland. Morales was able to have many at-bats that were not foiled by Lindor and Ramirez. It seemed as though he would finally be able to move on.
Until Tuesday, that is, when the Tribe came to Kansas City, and the truth became painfully clear: Morales has now entered the Twilight Zone episode of his wildest nightmares. Wherever he hits a ground ball, Lindor and Ramirez will be there to deny him in incredibly stylish fashion. 

The Royals did ultimately win, 3-2, but at this point, there is only one solution for Morales: Borrow a disguise from Bobby Valentine and hope that the Indians don't notice.