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Will somebody please help Francisco Liriano find out where this ground ball went?

Attention, everyone: Francisco Liriano, Pirates ace and occasional #PitcherWhoRakes, needs your help. He was minding his own business on Wednesday night, focused on pitching in Pittsburgh's game against the Braves. Naturally, he had a lot on his mind: checking on baserunners, choosing a pitch, making sure he doesn't get on this guy's bad side:


And then, suddenly, Daniel Castro hit a ground ball right back to the mound -- and yet, try as he might, Liriano had absolutely no idea where it went:


Sadly, despite the entire city of Pittsburgh shouting "In front of you!" at their televisions, Castro reached on an infield single. On the plus side, though, Liriano did a pretty credible Hokey Pokey.