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Travel back in time with the Frederick Keys' perfectly 90s 'Hey Arnold' jerseys

Remember the 1990s -- that perfect stew of pop culture where cartoons were great, snap bracelets were in and the Spice Girls ruled the world? While history has moved on -- to a world of computer graphic cartoons, non-snapping bracelets and Taylor Swift -- the Frederick Keys are helping bring it all back. 

When the Keys (Class A Advanced affiliate of the Orioles) take on the Lynchburg Hillcats (the Indians' Carolina League team) on June 17, the two clubs will wear some seriously perfect jerseys. 

Get Ready Everyone! 90s Nickelodeon Night is Coming Back!!!

- Frederick Keys (@FrederickKeys) May 18, 2016

Don't think the Keys stopped there, though. Oh, no. They're going all out. The stadium will don the name "Quigley Stadium," for the 40,000 seat stadium in "Hey Arnold" lore, while the team will rename their hot dog stand "Mickey's All Natural Casings Dog Pound" in honor of fictional baseballer Mickey Kaline's restaurant.

There's no word on if there will be a haunted train that you can hear beyond the center field fence, or a obsessively-in-love Helga mascot, but the team will host on-field games of Sugar Chunks box top rip off, a Stinky Peterson pudding eating contest and a Jolly Olly man ice cream race. 

While it's not quite "Hey Arnold" brought to life in a "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" kind of way, it's the next best thing.