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Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez announced Wednesday's game amidst the common folk

Baseball announcers are a sheltered bunch. They get to watch every game from a cozy, climate-controlled room with a completely unobstructed view while the huddled masses contend with flying baseballs, the elements and each other in the stands. But the Mets broadcasters have been doing their part this year to bridge the announcer/spectator gap.

For the second time this season, SNY broadcasters Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez descended from their ivory tower to call a game from the Pepsi Porch in Citi Field's right field bleachers on Wednesday. The trio were nearly hit by a first-inning Jose Reyes home run, which might lead them to consider other, safer alternative announcing spots.

The Mets' bullpen? On top of the Home Run Apple? Aboard one of the ever-present overhead airplanes? Where do you think Gary, Ron and Keith should broadcast from next?

-- Dan Wohl /