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Gary Sanchez took to Twitter to assure David Robertson that he's fine after getting hit

Once you get past all the dingers and the fact that the Yankees won their first playoff game since 2012, one of the most memorable moments of Tuesday's AL Wild Card Game was when Gary Sanchez took a foul tip below the belt and David Robertson appeared to literally feel Sanchez's pain.

Sanchez recovered and remained in the game to help power the Yankees to the AL Division Series presented by Doosan (You can watch Game 1 on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET on FS1).

But, you never really know how things like this will feel the morning after. Sanchez didn't want his teammate to worry about his well-being, so he sent out a quick signal to let Robertson know he was doing just fine:

Robertson responded with an illustration of the bond between the pitcher and catcher:

All's well that ends well.