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Gaze in wonder at Mike Trout's awe-inspiring (and impossibly demanding) offseason workout routine

Photo via Mike Trout on Instagram

How does one stay in MVP shape year after year? Just ask Mike Trout.

The Angels' star center fielder recently wrapped up some pre-Spring Training workouts back in New Jersey, and by the looks of it his workout plan was intense.

Like, running-with-a-super-heavy-weight-on-your-back-that-would-make-anybody-jealous-at-your-strength intense: 

@pdrtrainer with a special send off to #LAAspring...

A post shared by Mike Trout (@miketrout) on

FOX Sports noted that Trout just galloped across the room with 135 pounds over his head. That's a workout plan that rivals Clayton Kershaw's in all-out intensity

Remember that the next time you find yourself at the gym in search of the courage to up that resistance just a few more notches ... 

As for Trout, he'll now look ahead to joining the Angels in Arizona with his full entourage in tow:

First full season with these two !!

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