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Comedian George Lopez moonlights as Dodgers ballboy, dances around fair ball

Dodgers ballboy George Lopez dodges fair ball

Professional actor and comedian George Lopez is as big a Dodgers fan as a Dodgers fan can be. It's not every day that a celebrity fan will stand up to defend the honor of his team's star outfielder, ya know.

Lopez Chin Music

Lopez bleeds so much Dodgers blue, in fact, that the team managed to con him into working for the club on Memorial Day ... as a ballboy.

If you looked down the right-field line at Dodger Stadium on Monday evening, you'd have seen Lopez straight chillin' in foul territory against the barrier. And his instincts were put to the test early when Howie Kendrick pushed a base hit to right field that landed on the foul line.


Not fielding the fair ones is half the battle. If he can just scoop up the foul ones and toss 'em to little kids, he might have a future in this business.

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