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A wall tried to ruin George Springer's foul ball pursuit, but he wouldn't be denied

Walls aren't built into baseball stadiums just for show -- they're designed to create a separation between the playing field and the stands. As we've seen on more than one occasion recently, though, walls sometimes are nothing but a hazard for a pursuing fielder to run over while chasing after a foul ball. 

It happened again in Monday's Blue Jays-Astros game at Minute Maid Park, courtesy of Astros right fielder George Springer. No stranger to above-the-cuff glovework, Springer ranged far to his left to reel in a foul off the bat of Justin Smoak, even with the wall just sitting there, waiting to cause trouble.

It didn't, thanks to Springer making the catch before taking a mini-spill over the wall: 


Special shout-out to the Astros fans who lent a helping hand to their favorite right fielder mid-tumble.