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Add 'giant clubhouse' to the list of buildings Giancarlo Stanton has hit a home run over

Most Major Leaguers go into an at-bat simply trying to make good contact. Hit the ball hard somewhere and maybe, with some luck, hit the ball over the fence. Giancarlo Stanton, however, has ascended to a different plane of baseball -- he's concerned not merely with hitting dingers, but with hitting dingers that endanger the structural integrity of everything around him.

He's taken on camera wells. He's taken on Dodger Stadium. He's taken on his own concourse. And on Thursday against the Twins, he set his sights on the clubhouse beyond left field at Miami's Spring Training facility.


Believe it or not, the ball did eventually come down at some point. It landed near the Marlins' batting cages, where it was picked up by Terrence Floyd ... who just happened to be waiting around for his friend from high school, Edwin Jackson.

"I'm waiting, and next thing, I'm like, 'Man, somebody is throwing a baseball at somebody," Floyd told's Joe Frisaro.

A note to all pedestrians: No matter where you may be walking, no matter how far from an actual field, watch out for a baseball hit by Giancarlo Stanton