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Giants broadcasters laugh in the face of Mother Nature as blizzard rages outside Miller Park

Back in ye olde days of baseball, the outfield was an endless abyss that technically made every home run an inside-the-parker, darkness decided when enough was enough and Mother Nature herself dictated whether or not a game could be played.
And while some MLB teams had to wait an extra day to start the 2016 season because of inclement weather, the Brewers and Giants didn't have that problem because Miller Park has something called a "roof," and the Giants' broadcasting crew took great fun in mocking Mother Nature from its impenetrable perch.

Just before Scooter Gennett stepped up and knocked a second-inning home run into the seats, Giants broadcasters Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow couldn't help but remark about the winter wonderland they found themselves in as the Giants beat the Brewers, 12-3, on Opening Day.
"We got it this morning: 32 degrees with the wind chill down to 22 when we got to the ballpark, and it did not slow the folks of Milwaukee down," Kuiper pointed out.
"That's awesome," Krukow said. "It's blowin' sideways, and there's still folks out there havin' a beer and a brat, not having a problem with it."