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Giants fans team up to catch Melky Cabrera in the stands

There is no bigger individual honor in sports than spontaneously being carried off the field by your fans and teammates. But what about being carried back on to the field? At least Melky Cabrera can add that one to his credits.

When the Padres' Mark Kotsay popped the ball up into foul territory during Monday’s sixth inning, Cabrera dove into the stands, obviously willing to sacrifice his body to make the catch. That play, in and of itself, would be worthy of the highlight reel.

But the Giants fans know that Cabrera is too valuable to their team to let him get injured just to make one out. A couple of guys in the front row, all anticipating what was about to happen, broke Cabrera's fall and tossed him back on to the field. It's no "Rudy" but it's pretty awesome nonetheless.

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