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Giants mascot Lou Seal can now add 'wedding officiant' to resume


Think about who you would want at your wedding. Sure, there are the family and loved ones -- maybe even Alex Bregman -- but what about beloved sports mascots? Stop laughing. Sometimes, you do want your favorite team's mascot at your wedding.

One couple took this idea to the next level. Giants mascot Lou Seal was asked by "Sealcurity" co-worker Ron Manlapid to officiate his wedding to Angela Kim. It was a big ask, as Lou Seal was not ordained. For a pal, though, Lou went through the process and did the job:

Lou Seal gets bonus points for a custom "I now pronounce you Manlapid and wife" sign. That's an officiant who goes above and beyond.

The Giants themselves made sure to send their best wishes as well:

One thing's for sure -- the couple can now truly say that their union has the seal of approval.