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A terrifyingly huge flock of seagulls invaded AT&T Park ... again

Just a couple of weeks ago, the D-backs and Giants were locked in a tight battle at AT&T Park ... until the seagulls showed up:


The birds were everywhere -- overhead, on the bleachers, in the outfield. Thankfully, the game soon ended, and as the days passed, the Giants and their fans returned to normalcy. The season carried on.

But then, in the ninth inning of Thursday's game against the Rockies, they returned -- ready to remind us that it's a seagull's world, and we are all just trying to play baseball in it. Prepare yourselves for 2 Flock 2 Seagull: The Birdening.


The Rockies would go on to win, 17-7, in the inaugural game of the Seagull Baseball League. If you're curious, this is the song they sing before every game instead of the national anthem: