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The Giants' skateboard dog was back in action, and he's still super chill

There are a number of Air Bud films. There is the original, in which the titular Buddy plays basketball. There's also the sequel, Air Bud: Golden Receiver, in which he plays football. Then, there are a slew of sequels and spinoffs, giving us 14 movies in all. So, there's no reason why we can't have AT&T Bark 2: Still Boardin'.


That's right, folks: AT&T Park's Skateboard Dog was back in action during the A's 13-11 victory over the Giants on Tuesday night, casually hopping on his owner's wheels and coasting for an impressively long time.

And guess what? He's still super chill.

We first saw him a couple of weeks ago:


It's clear this dog can't stop shredding. Get ready for the Skateboard Dog franchise.