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Solitary man goes looking for cell service at ballgame, finds himself on top of a mountain

Man vs. Nature. It's one of the four central conflicts that all stories feature. And one intrepid fan went up against the great outdoors while taking in a ballgame on Thursday afternoon. While watching the D-backs take on the Angels, this fan, presumably in need of making a phone call or simply a place to check Instagram, went looking for a quiet spot. 

He eventually found himself half way up a mountain, all alone in the wilderness, his only companion his phone and his thoughts. 


At this point, was he using his phone for directions back down? Did he simply take a wrong turn while trying to find the bathroom? Is he still there at this moment, screaming toward the heavens and hoping he can order a two-topping pizza for delivery to "Side of Mountain in Arizona?" Perhaps we'll never know. 

But, in a way, isn't this man all of us. Whether we are at home, in line at the bank, or on top of the mountain, aren't we all solitary baseball fans staring into our cellphones, desperate to watch a little baseball?