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Here's that Clayton Kershaw/Mo'ne Davis pitch-off you've been waiting for (sort of)

Mo'ne Davis and Clayton Kershaw finally get pitch-off

Of course Mo'ne Davis' first pitch at Dodger Stadium was a perfect strike. Of course she gave Yasiel Puig her autograph. Of course she talked shop with Clayton Kershaw. But even though she met her pitching idol, we didn't get to see the pitch-off we'd all hoped for.

Or did we? Let's take a look at each of their first offerings from Tuesday night:


But it's hard to tell who's really the most dominant. Both have command, both have control, both have photos of themselves with Drew Butera. We'll have to turn to our Cut4 Metric for Pitcher Awesomeness to figure out who's really the best: 

Category Mo'ne Davis Clayton Kershaw
Most dominant pitch Fastball Curveball
Last career shutout 8/15/14 7/26/14
Longest scoreless inning streak 12 41
Longest scoreless inning streak as a 13-year-old girl 12 0
Talk show hosts hit in the face with soft baseballs 0,though she did say she could strike out Eric Bolling from Fox & Friends 1 - it was Jimmy Kimmel
Sports Illustrated covers 1 1
Walk-up music "Who Run the World (Girls)" - Beyonce "We Are Young" - FUN
Baseball idol Mo'ne Davis Will Clark
Called a "stud" by David Price? Yes No
Gave Lil Wayne goosebumps? Yes I mean, it's not impossible
Likelihood of owning binder covered
in Lisa Frank stickers
44% (Frank was way more popular in the '90s and Davis was born in 2001) 97% (He was born in 1988 and back then they just materialized on your binder whether you liked it or not)

Hmm, it looks like our results are inconclusive. But maybe the competitors have an opinion. After Kershaw struck out eight over eight innings in the Dodgers 4-1 victory over the Nationals, the two talked outside of the clubhouse: 

"I had 10 strikeouts in a game," Davis said, referring to her August 4 win over Newark, Delaware, "I think I won."
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