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On National Hat Day, let's celebrate the art of the hat catch

Celebrate the hat catch on National Hat Day

Is everyone wearing a hat? Good, because it's National Hat Day and that means you're legally obligated to sport headgear while reading this. As Jay-Z knows, ball caps are casual fashion essentials, but today we're celebrating them for their secondary (and superior?) purpose -- catching baseballs.

Let this Padres fan show you how it's done: 

Hats can give you a little extra reach, which comes in handy when someone else is trying to catch your foul ball. This young Braves fan is using his cap as fan catch power-up: 

A good hat catch can bring joy to you and the people you care about: 

And you can use any headwear you see fit. The floppier, the better


But wait, you might be thinking, I want to look cool when I make my catch, like that guy holding a baby. Don't worry, babies are included


Even the pros do it

Reliever Luis Ayala was so good at the hat catch that he had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR spectacular snags from the bullpen. Here he is catching a Justin Upton home run:

Remember: A hat catch means using your hat to catch a ball, not Alex Gordon's understandable but mistaken interpretation: