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During a replay review, Ryan Goins helpfully informed Alex Rios that he was actually out

In the top of the fourth inning of Tuesday's ALCS Game 4, the Royals' Alex Rios attempted to steal second base with his teammate Alcides Escobar at the plate. And, initially, it appeared as though he was successful. 

Blue Jays manager John Gibbons, however, did not believe this to be true. He initiated a replay review of that steal, suggesting that Rios came off the bag on his slide while Toronto second baseman Ryan Goins was tagging him, resulting in an out on the play.

As the umpires talked things over with their counterparts in New York City, Goins and Rios turned to the Rogers Centre video board to take their own look -- and Goins offered his own explanation:


Any lip readers out there? Even if you aren't a professional, you can pretty clearly see him telling Rios he came off the base. Undeterred, Rios looked on as though his presence on second base would be a certainty. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be -- the umpires ruled him out.

After the game, Rios admitted he was attempting some gamesmanship with his confident appearance:

"I did come off of the bag a little bit. I knew I was out, but I was just waiting on the call."

You never know -- sometimes luck will break your way if you're in the right place at the right time. However, that didn't work for Rios in this instance.

He doesn't always need the gamesmanship to go his way, though: Two innings earlier, he showed how he's able to make some luck of his own:


The Royals went on to win the game, 14-2, and held a 3-1 series lead going into Game 5.