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Grant Bodison, human rocket, makes one of the craziest leaping catches you'll ever see

HS player makes insane jumping catch in showcase game

Think back to what you were doing as a junior in high school. Staring blankly at the Common Application? Probably. Doodling in the back of trigonometry class? Definitely. Figuring out that whole "talking to members of the opposite sex" thing? Let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

Anyway, keep that in mind, because while 16-year-old you was just surviving high school, Mauldin (SC) High School junior infielder/sorcerer Grant Bodison -- one of the top high school prospects in the country and currently committed to play at the University of South Carolina -- is busy playing in Perfect Game showcases and doing things like this:

Bodison catch

According to Bodison's Perfect Game profile, he "really stands out defensively." That may need a rewrite, preferably with lots of exclamation points and/or references to his apparent ability to levitate.