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Reds pitcher thinks he has RBI single to right, Gregory Polanco's arm says otherwise

Polanco throws out runner at first from right field

It's no secret that pitchers, though extremely skilled in other facets of the game, don't have the easiest time at the plate. Much as we love #PitchersWhoRake, for every MadBum there are plenty of ... well, non-MadBums

Reds starter Keyvius Sampson, though, dared to dream during Friday's game against the Pirates. With a runner on third and two outs, he lined one to right field, sure to pick an RBI and strike a blow for the reputation of pitchers across the land.

Sadly, Gregory Polanco patrols right field for the Pirates, and Gregory Polanco is a crusher of dreams. Just a couple of weeks ago, he foiled pitcher Trevor Cahill's bid for a base hit, and he was no more forgiving this time:

Polanco throw

Head up, Keyvius. It may be an 0-for-1 in the box score, but it's a line drive in our hearts. 

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