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Why was Joey Votto so grumpy during his 4-for-5 night?

The Reds topped the Brewers on Saturday night, 11-5. Joey Votto, who's hit .462/.560/.692 since the All-Star break and has brought his average above .300 for the first time this season, went 4-for-5 with a pair of doubles. It was, by all accounts, a great night for the Reds first baseman.

So why was he so grumpy?

During his first at-bat, he expressed visible displeasure with all of Zach Davies' pickoff throws to first:


And then in the fourth inning, Billy Hamilton was just trying to keep Votto safe from stray foul balls, but Votto shook him off with a move that said, pretty clearly, "Please do not touch me again."


Not that Votto was actually mad at Hamilton, because as he told's Mark Sheldon after the game, he's happy just to watch B-Ham play:

"I'll tell you what. If I were a Reds fan sitting at home, I make sure I tune in right at 7:10 because Billy is a really entertaining player. I'm lucky I get a really good seat. I get to watch him do his thing. He's really, I feel like, been the reason we've turned the corner or at least have done a bunch of winning in a row."

But c'mon Joey, cheer up. You're one of the hottest hitters in all of baseball! Was it because you couldn't taunt any fans? Were you just doing your best Michael Phelps impression?

Or were you just really upset you grounded out in the first inning and only went 4-for-5? For any other player, that would be a season highlight. But for you, right now, anything other than a hit is kind of disappointing. Fair enough.

Would you like a paper airplane to stomp on and get out whatever frustration you may have?