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Nice try Alex Guerrero, but this is definitely not a catch

Even the most casual fan of America's pastime could tell you that you can't record a fly ball out on a ball that's already hit the grass, but that didn't stop Alex Guerrero from trying to pull a fast one on the umpires in Wednesday's Giants-Dodgers game.

The Dodgers' jack of all trades was manning left field at AT&T Park in the bottom of the sixth when Brandon Crawford singled on a line drive in front of Guerrero. Guerrero lays out and cleanly corrals the ball, but does so after it takes a blatant bounce off the outfield grass. Despite the obvious, Guerrero tried to sell his "out" to the umpiring crew and probably earned himself a Razzie in the process:


Yeah ... that was worse than "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2."