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Hall of Fame Induction Day is here. Celebrate with the HOFers all day long

There are three things that baseball fans hold in high esteem: MVP awards, World Series titles, ballpark beer specials. 

And then there is the Hall of Fame. It is a place spoken of in hushed tones. A home to baseball immortals. It's like if the Paul Bunyan statue and Mount Rushmore were cooler because they were for real people. 

Waitk, you're saying that Mount Rushmore is made from actual people? My whole life is a lie. 

And starting on Sunday at 1:30 ET, the Hall of Fame induction ceremony will begin for xx of the all-time greats. Here are the inductees: 

Greg Maddux

Career: 355-227, 3.16 ERA, 5008.1 IP, 3371 SO

Tom Glavine

Career: 305-203, 3.54 ERA, 4413.1 IP, 2607 SO

Frank Thomas: 


Joe Torre:

Bobby Cox:

Tony LaRussa:

Joining them will be three off the field members including Rangers broadcaster (check on this) Eric Nadel, writer Roger Angell, and 

Greg Maddux,Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Joe Torre, Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa. Also: Eric Nadel, Roger Angell and Joe Garagiola.

Follow along all day long on MLB Network starting at 12 pm ET. And check back here for quotes, video and all the fun of Cooperstown without leaving your laptop or mobile viewing device.