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Hampton celebrates free throws like they're in 'Major League'

Image via NCAA on Vine.

Ah, March: Spring NCAA basketball is in the air, which means it's time for upsets and comebacks and Cinderella stories as far as the eye can see.

The first game of the tournament happened on Tuesday night, when underdog Hampton beat Manhattan in the First Four, earning the right to play as the no. 16 seed in the Midwest. Check out their impressively coordinated bench celebration:

Remind you of any other Cinderella stories?


No, come on, do you even see any dancing mice? 1. Hampton's mascot is a pirate so if anything we'd need Captain Hook and 2. We're clearly talking about the bench celebration from "Major League":


And just like Lou Brown's Indians, Hampton faces steep odds -- though they won their play-in game, they'll be facing no. 1 seed/indomitable colossus Kentucky on Thursday.