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Hanley Ramirez decided to celebrate a great running catch by giving a fan a hug

If there's one thing we know about Hanley Ramirez, it's that he is consistently in need of a new helmet -- and, also, that he has a big heart. When he's not spreading joy throughout the galaxy, he's taking a moment to snap some selfies with the fans at Fenway.
Lest your cold heart remain unthawed, though, allow us to submit Friday's 5-3 win over the Blue Jays as further evidence. After sprinting into foul territory to make a nice lunging catch, Ramirez found himself headed right toward the front row of fans. Did he stop his momentum and head back to first base? Well, yes, but not before he gave out some hugs:

A solid first effort, Hanley. Miguel Cabrera would like to offer you some pointers, though.