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Aaron Judge and Tim Tebow were drafted onto the Harlem Globetrotters


Aaron Judge might be bashing homers left and right for the Yankees in the first half, but if he grows tired of dominating baseball, another world-famous sports team has offered him an alternate path.

On Tuesday, the Harlem Globetrotters held their 11th annual player draft, and while they did choose a couple basketball players, they also picked from a different kind of court. The Yankees' rookie was one of six people taken in the event, and he even got to try on a Globetrotters jersey with his name on it.

We can only assume that it was a size-XXXL, but it looks good on him! He was All-State at center in high school, too, so maybe he can channel those days.

Given that Judge belted his 24th homer of the young season on Tuesday night against the Angels, though, he's probably not going anywhere.

Judge wasn't the only player in baseball taken by the Globetrotters. They dipped into the Mets' organization for someone with recent experience in multiple sports.

Maybe Tebow can check another one of America's pastimes off his list.

Regardless, Judge and Tebow would be fun additions for the Globetrotters. Can they join the classic superhero TV show, too?