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Hawk Harrelson thought Adam Dunn hit a walk-off home run Thursday night (he didn't)

This is a video of the routine fly-out to left that ended Thursday's Athletics-White Sox game. It is also hilarious.

For a fun experiment, watch that video without the sound. Save for a few standing, hopeful White Sox fans, no one's body language suggests that the ball is going anywhere but Yoenis Cespedes' glove.

Then turn the sound back on, and enjoy the beautiful tapestry of human emotion woven right before your ears.

Hawk Harrelson sees a ball heading to the outfield and he goes all Gus Johnson on us, only to realize too late that the White Sox had lost. The second "way back" seems to be the precise moment his heart breaks. The little "mercy!" at the end really is just the cherry on the top of a schadenfreude sundae. Poor guy.

Guess Dunn just didn't have enough TWTW on this particular night.

-- Dakota Gardner /