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11 MLB items we wish we could buy this Black Friday

Carlos Corrasco / Twitter

When it comes to Black Friday, some things are worth waking up early, standing in line and braving the crowds first thing in the morning for. Some are worth sitting at the computer at weird hours and pressing the submit button before time runs out. But the best things are sometimes impossible to get, no matter how early you wake up

If it were at all possible, we wish we could gift (or keep for ourselves) these wonderful items during this holiday season.

Adrian Beltre's on-deck circle mat

If you're unfamiliar with Adrian Beltre's on-deck story, you're in for a treat.

Back in July, the Rangers were in a matchup against the Marlins when the third baseman began warming up in the batter's circle. Well, kind of. You see, Beltre likes to be in his own spot when he's on deck. This isn't something new he's introduced into his repertoire -- he's been doing it his entire career. And during this game, second base umpire Gerry Davis appeared to have an issue with it.

Davis asked Beltre to stand in the on-deck circle. But instead of doing so, Beltre dragged the mat to where he had already been standing. Without hesitation, Davis ejected him:


It was moments like this that landed him an Esurance MLB Award for Best Personality. Well earned, sir. Well earned. We would be the first in line to purchase this thing.

Brian Dozier's hair secrets

One thing you will never see is Twins second baseman Brian Dozier having a bad hair day. It doesn't matter how many helmets he goes through or what style he's sporting, you will never see him have anything less than a brilliant flow of locks.

What is your secret man? We need to know.




I mean, it even has its own Twitter account.

Kate Upton's custom jean jacket

You can't think about the Astros without thinking about the World Series win, or Kate Upton. The now-wife of Justin Verlander was there every step of the way supporting her beau throughout the regular season and on to October, before they exchanged vows in Italy.

While she was rooting for her hubby, she made sure to do it in a stylish way by sporting a custom jean jacket. Verlander's name was scribed on the back with his number and, of course, the Astros logo.

⭐️❤ #GoAstros

A post shared by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

A night to hang with the Backstreet Boys

This isn't random by any means: The Backstreet Boys made their way into the baseball world this season. At first, it was a shout-out message to Jose Altuve to wish him and the Astros good luck in the World Series, -- that ultimately got fulfilled in the end. But Altuve's teammate Brad Peacock was recently spotted with the former teen heartthrobs.

Thanks for the support @backstreetboys ... Let's make it happen 🎤 🙌 My Favorites #worldseries

A post shared by Jose Altuve (@josealtuve27) on

A boy band plus the love for baseball? Swoon.

Josh Reddick's WWE Belt

It's no secret that Astros outfielder Josh Reddick is a huge WWE fan, and he's been so since he was a kid. He's been on MLB Network in a full-on Ultimate Warrior getup, gifted a championship belt from Triple H and, most recently, an appearance during the WWE Survivor series in Houston.

During said appearance, Reddick was sporting something new -- an Astros WWE championship belt.

He also gave an exclusive interview about his WWE fandom and his trip to the World Series:

Carlos Beltran's glove

Back in July, it had been a while since any of us witnessed Carlos Beltran playing defense -- he was spending his days as the DH, so what do you think his teammates did? Why, they held a funeral for his glove, of course -- and they went all out.

main image

Brian McCann led the ceremony by sporting a robe and uttering terms he "cannot put in the media," but Beltran, who recently announced his retirement, absolutely loved it. And so did we.



The Miami Marlins home run sculpture

The enormous display goes off every time the Marlins hit a home run. It's complete with cutouts of marlins, palm trees, flamingos and waves with every color of the rainbow. Don't act like you don't know anyone on your list who would love this.

We assume it would cost quite a bit for shipping and handling, though.

Inflatable Orbit

What is better than the Astros' beloved mascot, Orbit? The answer is an inflatable version of him.

When Orbit and Rays pitcher Chris Archer were in an epic prank battle, one of the best pranks occurred when the hairy alien scared Archer as he walked off the team bus. The prank was good that Archer admitted defeat. But don't worry, they are friendly once again.

Until next year indeed.

Zack Cozart's donkey

We all have that one person in our group of family and friends who goes above and beyond with gift-giving. Well, take that person and multiply by 15, and you will get Joey Votto, who gave teammate Zack Cozart a real donkey.

Votto promised Cozart that if he made the All-Star roster this past season, Votto would gift him a donkey. Well, this is Donald:


The adorable guy was named after Cozart's son Cooper and his love for Donald Duck.

We want one, we want one bad.

Sonia Sotomayor's Judge's robe

It was a typical day in the Judge's Chambers of Yankee Stadium when the cameras spotted a familiar face: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. And, to make it saucier, the Bronx-born Sotomayor was attending the Red Sox-Yankees series. She even held up an "All Rise!" Styrofoam gavel.

She was also sporting a spiffy judge's robe with the Yankees emblem embossed on the front.

What an honor -- this is worth standing in line and mastering the crowds of Black Friday.

Carlos Carrasco's baseball doll commission

Carlos Carrasco's artistic abilities stood out this season thanks to his personally designed baseballs. With the help of teammate Trevor Bauer, Carrasco crafted baseballs into miniature dolls inspired by his teammates' styles and personalities.

Corey Kluber's had a Cy Young Award attached to it. Mike Clevinger's had his luscious locks. Francisco Lindor's smile could be spotted a mile away: The display he put on is impressive, but we would pay top dollar to see these beauties in person.