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Shake it if ya got it: Here are 9 incredible fan dances from 2013

On the surface, baseball and dance have little in common. But when the rhythm takes you over, well, you don't really have a choice. And as these nine fans showed this season, sometimes the rhythm takes you over in your local ballpark:

Seattle is the home to Starbucks, which might explain this:


A great catch, with an even better celebratory jig:


Umm ... OK:

Padres fan

Somebody get this guy an agent:

Astros dance

This Astros fan inspired her friends, reporters and announcers alike:

Astros dance

Others may have better moves than this Nats fan, but few can match his passion:

Nats dance

Jump up, jump up and get down, vintage-uniformed Pirates fan:

Pirates dance

"Gonna go real slow, and then I'm gonna BOOM"

Nats dance

When you got it, you got it:

Royals, dance